Our Ethos 

Our Approach to Learning: Play, Learn and Grow... Together!


At Lisa's Little Adventurers, as well as recognising the importance of what the children are learning, we focus on how they are learning and what motivates and engages them. We see play as being an opportunity for children to practice what they are learning, to engage in new experiences and seek new challenges.


We are committed to offering an engaging environment throughout the setting, both inside and outside. This means our play spaces will be accessible to all children, stimulating, encouraging independence, it will be safe but hold challenges that encourage taking risks, it will be flexible with resources that encourage open-ended play and it will have adults who engage in the children’s interests, playing with them and interacting with them during their play in a way that develops their learning rather than interferes with their play.

By creating an enabling environment it will provide all children with a place to be active, for tactile exploration, for imagination, to relax, find out who they are and what they like/dislike, and build strong foundations for their future learning and life.   


As well as an enabling environment, the team at our setting will plan and provide a wide range of play-based activities using the children’s ideas and interests as well as their own observations to enable the children to make progress in each of the seven areas of learning and development. These plans will be fully flexible to move with the children’s interests and will be appropriate to individual needs, abilities, and ages.

Children at our settings will engage in both self-initiated and adult-led activities, both of which will provide opportunities to support and extend the children’s learning. Self-initiated activities allow the children to choose an activity they wish to engage in independently, decide how they want to approach it and further develop their ideas alongside their peers, with the appropriate interaction from a supporting adult there is the ability to advance the children’s learning. Adult-led activities, which are planned and initiated by an adult, will be presented to children in a way which promotes active exploration and independent thinking with an aim to build on what the children already know and can do. Children will still be given the choice to engage in such activities in their own time and will not be forced to take part, this does not necessarily mean children will not take part in certain learning it means staff will find other ways to encourage such children in a similar activity by making adaptions that draw them in so they become engaged.


No such thing as bad weather!  


We play outside every day regardless of rain or shine. Our staff will be prepared to work in all weathers and it is important that children are also. For each child to actively enjoy all areas of our setting we strongly recommend that every child has two changes of clothes with them every day. Alongside this we would ask that parents/carers provide the following; wellies, raincoats, sunhats, sun cream and anything else you see fit according to the weather. Being unable to rely on the British weather we recommend that such items are left at the setting, clearly labelled with your child’s/children’s name (dirty clothes will be sent home as necessary).

Our setting is not one for ‘best clothes’ we highly recommend that children come in clothes that are comfortable, allow them to be active and most importantly can get dirty. Although our setting does provide certain protective clothing children will often engage in activities without them, this is a good thing, children need the freedom to experiment with mud, water, sand, paint etc and explore materials using their senses.


It’s the process not the end product!

We will encourage children to express themselves through activities independently, to show their individuality and allow them to take their time. For example, this means children at our setting won’t be expected to engage in ‘generic’ art activities but instead will be encouraged to express their creativity in a varied way, this won’t always be on paper! Mark making will be available in a variety of media both permanent and temporary.


We look like we’re playing but…


Dramatic Play – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing our social skills, independence, oral language, using our imagination. We may use these skills as a mother, father, safety officer or a politician one day!

Playing with Blocks – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing motor skills, math concepts (number, size, shape, space), oral language, social skills, eye-hand co-ordination, self-control and our imagination. We may be builders or architects when we grow up!


Making & Creating – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing our creativity, small motor skills, problem solving, sharing, cooperating and being independent. We may use these skills as an artist, illustrator or designer one day!


Mark Making – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing eye-hand co-ordination, small motor skills, alphabet knowledge, self-confidence, vocabulary and an interest in print. We might use these skills one day as a journalist, administrative assistant or poet!


Sharing Stories – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing alphabet knowledge, oral language, print knowledge, listening skills, eye-hand co-ordination, concepts about the world and the desire to read. Maybe we’ll be publishers, authors or librarians when we grow up!


Experimenting – It looks like we’re playing but we’re developing a curiosity about the world, sensory skills, problem solving, cause and effect, language skills and experience with the scientific process (observing, predicting, recording, reporting). We might use these skills to become doctors, lab technicians, pharmacists or landscapers one day!


Climbing, Running, Riding, Catching, Kicking – It looks like we’re playing but we’re making judgements about space, depth and speed, we’re taking risks and discovering our limits, we’re developing our muscles and gross motor skills. We might become athletes or enjoy rock climbing when we grow up!


Making Sounds – We look like we’re playing but we’re developing an understanding of the environment around us and developing our listening skills, we are listening to tones and voices and learning how sound can affect our emotions and the way we move. We might become musicians or dancers one day!


We look like we’re playing, we are but it means so much more….

Our Aim

At Lisa's Little Adventurers we are committed to:


  • Providing a welcoming, safe, caring and stimulating an environment in which all children can play, learn and develop freely.

  • Providing high-quality care and education, enabling each child to extend their own individual strengths, ideas, and interests.

  • Creating new, exciting and challenging experiences for the children which will foster a love for learning.

  • Valuing and celebrating children’s achievements both in the setting and at home.

  • Helping children develop responsibility for themselves, their actions and to become confident, capable, independent and self-assured individuals.

  • Encouraging children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.

  • Giving children opportunities to experience different activities and places that they may not be able to experience with those at home.

  • Involving children, parents/ carers and staff in the development of the setting.

  • Developing positive relationships with parents and families, working in partnership with them to support their children’s learning and development.

  • Providing families with an inclusive service that promotes equality, values diversity and is accessible to all children within the community.

  • Building strong links with the local community.